Rogue Darts

Congratulations to Rogue Summer 2018 Winners!


Champions - Prick Tease
2nd Place - Queen of Darts
3rd Place - The Flight's Watch
4th Place - Did You Shoot Yet?

Division Winners

Captain America Division
1st Place - Unbreak My Dart
2nd Place - Dart Toppers

Hulk Division
1st Place - Dartbreakers
2nd Place - Prick Tease

Human Tourch Division
1st Place - The Flight's Watch
2nd Place - Pop Darts

Iron Man Division
1st Place - Down & Darty
2nd Place - Dartwing Ducks

Spider-Man Division
1st Place - The Dart Knights
2nd Place - Dartbreak Dream

Storm Division
1st Place - Darty Martinis
2nd Place - Darty Boys

Special Awards
Miss Congeniality - Just The Tip
Social Media - Something Inappropriate